Term of Services

Intrepid Websoul

The following agreement ("Agreement" or the "Terms of Service") describes the terms on which iWebsoul offers you access to its services. This offer is conditioned on your agreement to all of the terms and conditions contained in the Terms of Service. By subscribing to our services, you agree to these Terms of Service.


A- Website Designing

A1. We provide you quotation at a time of deal, this amount is final amount and we do not provide any discount on this amount.
A2. We provide daily work progress of website; final website will be uploaded on domain after receiving full payment.
A3. We provide control panel and FTP access to customers with an additional subscription.
A4. When we are working on your website, you have to resolve our query and give feedback within 24 Hours; otherwise we will not be responsible for module work.
A5. We are not responsible for copyrights of your website, content and images.
A6. After making deal of website designing, we assure you, we will complete your website within specified time. If delay occurs from your end, we will not be responsible for website or domain and the project will be dropped. In case you want to continue, you will need to pay extra amount for project.

B- Payment Procedure

B1. Payment will be done in two parts.
a) 30%-50% payment on deal.
b) Remaining payment after completion of your website.
B2. Once the payment is made for the subscribed services, the amount would not be transferred or considered for other services.
B3. We provide you quotation at a time of deal, this amount is final amount and we do not provide any discount on this amount.

C- Webspace and Domain

C1. We provide you control panel, FTP, Domain login detail on demand after making extra payment.
C2. Domain is transferable on demand after making extra payment.
C3. Our clients use our dedicated server which is shared amongst all the customers of our company, Thus,
a) You need to inform us before uploading any video.
b) Only we are authorized to decide your FTP data or files.
c) You cannot use FTP for data transfer.
d) You cannot upload any illegal content on the server.
C4. We provide you 99.9% up time server, if any problem and issue occurs with server, we will responsible for technical support and resolve this issue but we need your patience and you have to wait until the problem is resolved.
C5. At the end of year you have to renew your web space and domain. We will inform you in advance for web space and domain annual payment. We have rights to suspend your website and account if you are not paying amount on time.
C6. For website maintenance task you have to mail us on support@websouldesign.com

D- Maintenace Period

D1. We provide you one year website maintenance for free.
D2. From next year you have to pay extra amount if you need website maintenance service.
D3. Under website maintenance we do not add any new page without payment.
D4. Pop Up is also not available free with website maintenance, for every Pop Up Window You have to pay extra amount.

E- Technical Support

E1. We provide you 24*7 Technical Support on working days but we do not provide technical support on Holidays.
E2. For technical support you have to submit one copy of issue to our mail-Id support@iwebsoul.com
These terms of services are applicable for every customer of Intrepid Websoul Private Limited.