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Providing comprehensive solutions

Retail is a boisterously competitive industry, in which success depends on how well your firm operates against the competition. In order to stay ahead of the pack, the businesses are adapting technology.

From procurement to sales and then for support services, retailers are moving towards technology-driven solutions. In order to get the comprehensive picture of their operations and customers’ shopping journey, the businesses need to unify their online and offline data. We help them do so.

Intrepid Websoul Private Limited is acknowledged for providing optimized solutions to its retail clients across the globe. From streamlining complicated processes to facilitating to expand their sales and distribution channels, we have backed our retail clients witness crucial breakthroughs in their retail businesses.

With the help of our solutions, our clients have provided a better experience to their internal and external which has helped them in enhancing their brand value. We are engaged in delivering solutions for sales, supply chain management, human resource management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, inventory and logistics, product management, e-commerce solutions and more.

  • 01Brainstorming and Planning
  • 02Designing and Development
  • 03Testing and Finalizing
  • 04Delivering to Clients

At each phase, we work end-to-end with our clients.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • eCommerce Web and Mobile Solutions that include catalog development, order management, pricing and tax configuration, merchandising and recommendations, social touch points integration and configuration of single or multi currency payment systems.
  • CRM and Marketing Systems that include contact management, lead management, report generation, sales analytics, alerts and flexibility of further customization.
  • Inventory and Logistic Systems that include serial number tracking, expiry date tracking, manufacturer lot tracking, item images, taxations and much more.
  • Human Resource Management that includes tracking of their attendance, end of day reports, compensation, appraisal, leave records etc.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning that includes holistic management of all the departments from purchasing, marketing, sales, accounts and customer support.
  • Digital Marketing through search engine optimization and social media optimization.