Agriculture & Trade

Delivering Effective Solutions

Enabling better collaboration

Farmers, brokers, agents and traders have started acknowledging the need of digitalization. We at Intrepid Websoul Pvt. Ltd. Endeavor to provide them result-driven solutions by offering them applications that help them to manage and exhibit their catalogs of products and by-products.

In addition to this we offer multi-module application software which integrates activities across the functional departments from procurement of seed to farming, production and sales.

For traders, exporters and brokers we offer dedicated software application that facilitates them in tracking and managing the inventory lot-wise and date-wise with FIFO and LIFO methods.

We are engaged in delivering solutions for purchase, sales, supply chain management, human resource management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, inventory and logistics, product management, and more.

Our committed and creative team of experienced developers and designers has helped us deliver incredibly effective solutions.

From analysis, to application integration and implementation, we take care of everything.